The Monitoring Module is the monitoring solution for your entire IT environment: infrastructure, server, databases and processes – central, trim, agent-free. What makes the HL Monitoring Module unique? Comprehensive monitoring of the IT landscape, but not overwhelming the user, simplicity and concentration on the essential are the special strengths of the HL Monitoring Module.

Multi-tenant and web-based

Monitoring of multiple tenants with just one monitoring. In a few hours the fast setup and administration takes place via the modern web-based interface.

Analyses with most modern charts

Numerous chart types enable sophisticated analyses and reports. You can also access historical data for user-defined periods.

Easy to expand

Expend the HL monitoring for a specific process monitoring or with plugins & interfaces for the creation of custom checks

Brilliant cost/performance ratio

We focus on fair prices with comprehensive monitoring of your IT infrastructure. Due to the modular structure, you only license the required components.

Overview by dashboards

Always keep track of everything. In addition to the central dashboards for quick checking of hosts, services and databases, we also offer pre-made dashboards to monitor individual components right through to your personal dashboard “MOCHA”.


In addition to the connection of any 3rd party products via the RESTful API, asynchronous / synchronous forwarding of all measured data to 3rd party endpoints is also possible (for example IoT hubs).