The Oracle RDBMS continues to be the leading database management system on the market despite very good alternatives. The numerous enterprise features such as Real-Application-Clusters (RAC) or Active-DataGuard contribute significantly to optimal scalability and high availability.

With the Monitoring Module every Oracle database system can be monitored completely. No matter if Express, Standard or Enterprise edition, versions 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, 18c and 19c are fully supported without the need to configure monitoring or install agents during version changes. Costly additional options such as the Diagnostic Pack are not necessary for monitoring and performance analysis.

The monitoring of components and options such as Grid Infrastructure, (Flex) ASM, RAC, RACOneNode, OracleRestart, (Active) DataGuard or RMAN guarantees optimal and largely smooth database operation. It also supports third-party products such as DBVisit Standby as an alternative to DataGuard in the Standard Edition environment.

A special highlight for RAC installations is the integration of Oracle Cluster Health Advisors (CHA) in our Monitoring Module. An AI-based performance and bottleneck analysis that enables faster and more targeted problem analysis with machine learning algorithms. The many years of top-class expertise of Herrmann & Lenz with Oracle database systems is reflected in the wide and field-proven functionality of the Monitoring Module.