VMware vSphere is the market leader among server virtualization solutions alongside XEN, KVM, OracleVM or Hyper-V. A major reason why VMware monitoring is a key component of the Monitoring Module.

The transparent view of all layers, from the infrastructure to the hardware, the virtualization layer, up to the Oracle or SQL server database enables seamless vulnerability and end-pass analyzes. Monitoring from single-node ESXi installations to clusters with hundreds of ESX servers is no longer an insurmountable hurdle.

In particular, the operation of Oracle, SQL Server or e.g. PostgreSQL databases under VMware also require a holistic view of all performance-relevant key figures. The consideration of IO-operations per second, latencies and throughput are indispensable for an optimal and high performance database operation. The Monitoring Module supports this in a unique way.


Nutanix is a pioneer in the HyperConverged Systems market. In addition to numerous competing products, e.g. from Hewlett Packard or VMware, Nutanix is a very innovative and serious product that is becoming increasingly popular. Software-defined architectures will take on an increasingly important place in the IT infrastructure in the future. The Monitoring Module monitors Nutanix environments seamlessly.

The aim here is analogous to VMware monitoring, to be able to view and analyze all layers without gaps and at any time. Unknown bottlenecks are a thing of the past. In combination with the database and OS monitoring, no problem remains undetected. The smooth operation of all components is ensured by the use of the Monitoring Module.