The in-memory database SAP HANA is a relatively new database management system from SAP. It is being promoted as the future data platform and in particular as an alternative to Oracle and SQL Server databases when operating SAP systems. The in-memory technology promises a considerable performance boost and significantly shorter response times in contrast to classic database systems without in-memory technology.

The Monitoring Module monitors SAP HANA databases analogously to Oracle and SQL Server databases in the depth and design required for trouble-free operation.

Of course, SAP HANA clusters are also supported. Special consideration of the storage areas and ensuring the basic process activities (e.g., services) of an SAP HANA database are absolute core components of the monitoring. In addition, column-store activities (such as unload / load status) or system replication are always in focus.

SAP HANA is relatively young compared to the other leading databases. An intensive and targeted monitoring with the Monitoring Module helps to make the daily work stress-free.