Operating System Monitoring

The central building block of the Monitoring Module is the server OS monitoring. As a basis for the operation of applications and databases, such as Oracle or SQL Server, the OS monitoring is a particular focus.

The Monitoring Module fully supports the Linux operating systems (RedHat Linux, Oracle Linux, Suse Linux, CentOS and other derivatives), IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris and of course Windows Server.

Dynamic recognition of new or changed components, e.g. Network adapters, mount points / drives or storage connections eliminate the need to manually adjust the monitoring configuration. The special highlight here, the completely agent-free monitoring, also keeps the rollout costs and the time for commissioning the monitoring extremely small.

Regardless of whether the server is on dedicated hardware, as a virtual machine, or e.g. as an Oracle Database Appliance, the Monitoring Module makes all key figures comparable and transparent for all subsequent decisions. The direct correlation of KPIs from the OS environment, such as CPU consumption, RAM usage or network latencies with the application- or database-specific indicators makes analyzes child’s play.