Process and data monitoring

Based on the entire IT infrastructure, including hardware, virtualization, databases, etc., highly critical components are operated in most cases, e.g. ERP software, e-mail, warehouse, MES or CRM systems and much more. This software and process landscape is and will be increasingly complex and difficult to master, thanks to new technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) or new challenges such as Industry 4.0. The failure or malfunction of even the smallest component can bring entire process and supply chains to a standstill.

The wide range of available interfaces and monitoring components of the Monitoring Module allows these processes and process chains to be monitored and notified in the event of a malfunction.

The status information is usually distributed on the systems, no matter if in the form of simple interface files, special data silos in the database or simple process states. The monitoring module can determine and evaluate all necessary information. This information can then be used for notifications or for presentation on visually appealing dashboards. There are no limits to the imagination.

  • ERP-Monitoring

  • CRM-Monitoring

  • ITSM-Monitoring

  • Workflow-Monitoring

  • MES-Monitoring

  • E-Mail-Monitoring

Thanks to the flexible architecture, the Monitoring Module can be extended at any time with additional test and data collection routines. Here, every individual requirement is decisive.

The holistic monitoring of IT components coupled with the monitoring of entire process chains and data states is a very powerful feature of the Monitoring Module, which has already been proven in many individual customer projects.