DataCore Monitoring

DataCore is a pioneer in the storage virtualization (software-defined storage) market. The support for numerous storage systems, the very good performance thanks to its own cache and the many other features such as auto tiering, deduplication or high availability options secure DataCore a leading position in this market segment.

Like DataCore or Nutanix, software-defined architectures have become more and more important alternatives to the traditional providers of professional virtualization and storage systems. The Monitoring Module monitors DataCore environments holistically at very short intervals. Load peaks or errors in the seconds range at the port / channel level are no longer overlooked. With additional direct monitoring of storage systems, e.g. Hitachi HDS, are given insights into the behavior of the physical storage layer at any time.

The performance and availability of the storage in the operation of Oracle or SQL server databases significantly influences the response times of the database systems and thus the response times of the applications. Smooth operation, also in conjunction with Oracle ASM / Flex-ASM, can be optimally realized with the Monitoring Module.